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noql o sandali 1 noql o sandali
{4,222 Plays}
shahr e khorshid 2 shahr e khorshid
{2,041 Plays}
zendagi hamin ast 3 zendagi hamin ast
{2,246 Plays}
sekahe tala 4 sekahe tala
{1,746 Plays}
qhafas hai talayi 5 qhafas hai talayi
{1,677 Plays}
khami 6 khami
{1,472 Plays}
jodaye 7 jodaye
{4,626 Plays}
zendagi hamin ast Music Video Amir Jan Saboori
zendagi hamin ast Music Video

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Alternative names and variations for Amir Jan Saboori :

Amir Jan Sabori

Amir Jan Saboori

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