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morghe sheyda 1 morghe sheyda
{12,654 Plays}
Age Yadesh Bere 2 Age Yadesh Bere
{37,382 Plays}
dar Sahrai gham 3 dar Sahrai gham
{16,491 Plays}
khazan Eshegh 4 khazan Eshegh
{10,382 Plays}
Faragh To 5 Faragh To
{5,205 Plays}
Shayad Bazaei 6 Shayad Bazaei
{3,564 Plays}
To ham bayad bemiri 7 To ham bayad bemiri
{2,631 Plays}
Ghalb Mahzoon 8 Ghalb Mahzoon
{3,132 Plays}
pik Afson gar 10 pik Afson gar
{3,765 Plays}
Talagh 11 Talagh
{3,628 Plays}
Fariba 12 Fariba
{30,070 Plays}
Vay Omram Sar Oomad 13 Vay Omram Sar Oomad
{45,277 Plays}
Alternative names and variations for Davod Maghami :

Davood Maghami
Dawood Maghami
Davoud Maghami
Davood Magami
Davod Magami
Davood Maghaami
Davood Maqaami
Davoud Maghaami
Davud Maghaami
Davood Maghaamee
Davood Maghaamie
Davood Maghaamei

Davod Maghami

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