Amir Farjam Albums

Amir Farjam's Singles and other Collaborations

To Rafti 1 To Rafti
{13,748 Plays}
Gomgashte 2 Gomgashte
{9,734 Plays}
Didi Chi Shod 3 Didi Chi Shod
{9,086 Plays}
Khodaya 4 Khodaya
{3,315 Plays}
Khoshbakhti 5 Khoshbakhti
{4,291 Plays}
Bezar Hess Konam 6 Bezar Hess Konam
{9,356 Plays}
Zendegi Ba To 7 Zendegi Ba To
{13,564 Plays}
Ye Haliam 8 Ye Haliam
{6,786 Plays}
Mojasam Kon 9 Mojasam Kon
{3,027 Plays}
In Rooza Ke Mikhandi 10 In Rooza Ke Mikhandi
{16,358 Plays}

Music Videos

Didi Chi Shod Music Video Amir Farjam
Didi Chi Shod Music Video

4 days Ago
Khodaya Music Video Amir Farjam
Khodaya Music Video

6 days Ago
Bezar Hess Konam Music Video Amir Farjam
Bezar Hess Konam Music Video

11 days Ago
Alternative names and variations for Amir Farjam :

Amir Farjam

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